Electronic Diffuser


Turn your space into a sanctuary without heat, flame or smoke.  Our diffuser combines ultrasonic technology with water to diffuse our 100% botanical oils in a silent and cool mist.

With mood lighting that can be turned off or on and a timer for continuous use or bursts, breathe in our powerful and therapeutic wellbeing scents at any time.

How to Use

Choose one of our beautiful Essential Oil Blends and at the touch of a button fill your space with our exquisite therapeutic fragrance.

5-10 drops of one of our well-being blends will boost or reset your mood by harnessing the therapeutic powers of essential oils and botanicals.  And they smell amazing too.


Additional Information

This Diffuser is only to be used with Bare+Botanical blends and it will affect any warranty if this is not adhered to.

Some essential oils are corrosive and therefore not suitable for use with our Diffuser.