About Us


With her Bare+Botanical range, leading Irish Perfumer and Founder of La Bougie Candles has combined the art of Perfumery with the alchemy of Aromatherapy.

Using individually sourced Absolutes, Botanicals and Resins beyond the reach of the mass-produced blends of the High Street, Lucy has combined form and function in a range of powerful and beautiful scents to transform the mood and heighten the senses.

“Many of these mass-produced blends combine the hero oils with little thought to what makes a beautiful fragrance.  As a Perfumer, I give it a whole lot of thought.  I know how to add supporting notes, often in microscopic amounts, to turn an aromatherapy blend into something exquisite.” says Lucy Hagerty. “Just because a fragrance has therapeutic qualities, it does not have to smell medicinal …….  Aromatherapy has just got luxurious”  

Initially introducing the Home Fragrance products, the full Spa range will be available later on in the year.  Find the brand exclusively at Brown Thomas and Arnotts.